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YOI - Before the Barcelona GPF Banquet...

More YOI!

This... is a random idea I've had since episode 5... Of course, it took me until the series ended to actually draw it. It's so random and out of character. D: It's been sitting in my drawings folder, but I finally decided to post it because there's not much else I could do with it...
Shadow and Diana
This was a request from darknight711.


I've been getting back into watching anime recently. I sort of get the impression that this art style is very influenced from that. It was pretty fun to go for what felt most comfortable. I couldn't think of a good background. I will keep trying to improve at that!

For a version where his eye is open, see here:
Chrono Crusade - Azmaria
This is Azmaria Hendric from Chrono Crusade! She's super cute. I was pretty surprised at how quickly I became a fan of hers while watching the anime. I used to read the manga a lot when I was younger, but I didn't remember her much. I just remember it being very cool.


I actually drew this some time ago... I feel like that's the case for a lot of stuff I post recently (sans requests). I was thinking of cleaning it up more and maybe colouring it? but I've grown to like how it looks like this. Maybe the picture quality could be improved, but alas, I have only my phone. I'm pretty happy with the background as sparse as it is. Very airy. The perspective could be improved though. Also, her arms and hands don't quite feel right. Oh, and I drew this without reference, so I'm pretty proud of that. (I looked at a reference for a previous sketch, so I was working off memory).
Cierra and Levi
This is for iFell-intoTheSky! It's her OC Cierra Knightly with Levi Ackerman!


With the window as inspiration, I wanted to make this one about lighting! I didn't really manage to get that back light effect I was going for though. I need to improve at directing the light. I've gotten a bit quicker at the painting style though.

Oh, even if I wasn't going for it, I noticed that you can analyze this a bit. 1. The window is framing Levi, as though he were the source of light in the dark room. 2. The light rays are facing Cierra, who is the recipient of Levi's comfort. 3. They are framed in a doorway, showing that they are in a room (presumably) by themselves. That gives them a sense of privacy! 4. Apart from the blue on the wings of... freedom? was it?... the only bright colour is from Cierra's flower.

Mmm, yeah. There's a lot I like in this one, but also a lot I dislike. The style is very out of the ordinary for me.
Yuri!!! on ice - Symphony No.9
Been awhile since I posted any YOI stuff. I definitely am still a major fan though! Got a lot of stuff I still want to draw.

Here's an Otabek that I drew pretty quickly. (About 8 hours?) BUT! I forgot to change the size of the canvas, so it ended up being really small... orz

I sort of wish the pose was better, but I don't really know much skating stuff. I was thinking of a spread eagle, but... it looks more like a jump prep?

Oh, and it's April Fools yet I have no joke.


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Artist | Hobbyist

I draw sometimes. Then I sometimes post those drawings here.
I try to update at least once every two weeks.

If you want to request something, send me a note with a description of what you'd like.

I like to try to keep in mind the essence of the characters I draw, so please include a description of their personality. Additional information is also appreciated.

Current requests:

**I estimate that if I receive a new request, I would be able to complete it in July.
Also, I'm thinking of posting requests once every two weeks.

Last update: 26/04/17


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Hi, I can ask you a request ? ^^
Kherohi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist
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Ok :)
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Do you still take requests? 
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Hello do you take requests if so can you draw silver my bat? reff of him: art-requester2017.deviantart.c… but if not thanks anyway and have a nice day :aww:

Kherohi Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist
Sorry, I won't take this request. I hope you have a nice day as well.
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